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7 Reasons Inclusive Recreation is Important for All of Us

All people want to belong in community.  Opportunities for children and adults who have a disability, can be far and few between.  Some organizations may develop programs in which people can participate, which gets them into community, however, these programs often operate exclusively for people who have a disability and [...]


A smile, A moment that takes your breath away. A reason to celebrate. A family, No matter how it’s defined. Celebrate. A joke, a laugh, the company of friends. Something to celebrate. Health, A comforting touch, Celebrate. An achievement, Fair play, Honor and celebrate. Support, Honesty and trust. Celebrate. Love, [...]

Step Into Your Future

... With Coaching by Lisa Raffoul If you’re thinking about an organizational or personal transformation, you have probably considered the assistance of a coach or consultant.  If not, now is the time to consider one. It makes sense to obtain guidance and direction, encouragement and inspiration, from a neutral and [...]