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10 Deeper Reasons Why the “Dear Everybody” Campaign is Important

“You bring your deformed children to us and expect us to fix things” “What’s wrong with him? “ “It doesn’t matter; he can’t understand what is happening anyway” “Why do you want the kids to go to the park with her?  They don’t want to go to the park.  Just [...]

A Mom’s Routine

9 Tips for Developing a Routine When Your Children Leave Home He would play the guitar and sing.  I would cry.   We would watch football.  I would leave the room to cry. At dinnertime, I would feel my eyes tearing up and wanted to cry. Soon, he wouldn’t be [...]

Having a Routine Can Help You Leave Your Emotional Ghetto™

A story about parenting a child with multiple disabilities Would you believe that a challenging situation, one that turns your world upside down, can actually help you develop a routine?  It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?  Here’s how it worked for me. As the parent of a child who had multiple [...]

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