This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day; the special day of the year when mothers are honored by their children.  Moms around the world are thanked and admired for all that they do and for all of the sacrifices they have made.  Flowers, chocolate, perfume and invitations to dinner will commemorate the occasion.

In light of the recent attention to the empowerment of women, I reflect on how important it is to remember that before the role of mom, she held the position of woman.  Surprise, surprise – moms are women too!  Quite often, it’s a fact that we forget.


This year, in addition to the gifts and the dinner you make, think of how you can honor your mom as a woman.  Here are some ideas for you

Sit down and have a chat.  Ask her about some of her significant memories as a child.  What did she get involved in as a teenager?  Does she remember a time when she got into some mischief?  What were her dreams and aspirations?

Cook with her.  Find out her favourite recipes and see if she wants to cook with you.  If cooking isn’t yours or her thing, then do an activity in which she would enjoy your company.

Do one of her favourite hobbies or activities.  What’s one thing that your mom really likes to do?  Can you do that with her on Mother’s Day?

Reach out to one of her friends who isn’t a mom.  Not everyone is a mom.  Is it possible to include one of your mom’s friends and go out for lunch or dinner this weekend?  It’s a way to celebrate all women.

Ask if you can help her to complete her bucket list.  Maybe it’s hiking in the Grand Canyon or volunteering at a homeless shelter.  Whatever it is, your mom has some goals to accomplish.  Do something that can help her to complete her list.

Let her know that you recognize her womanhood.  It would be very cool to let your mom know that you recognize who she is a woman, outside of being your mom.  Give her examples and share some of the things you have observed.  Ask her what being a woman means to her.

~ Lisa