It’s Spring, that time of year when we clean out our closets, getting rid of items we no longer wear, that don’t fit or have long since gone out of style.  Whether it be to reduce clutter or to make room for newer articles that are more functional for our current tastes and needs, the purpose of cleaning out our closets varies for each of us.

During the season of renewal, it’s equally important to cleanse our emotional warehouse. You know, the place where we stash the results of our past relationships, activities, and actions that may no longer have relevance in our lives. Our emotional storeroom is also a place where we harbour our fears, resentments, happiness and joy.

Emotional cleansings can be small or massive, depending on the extent of our feelings or of the changes we want to make. One person might be eager to move across the country to strengthen a relationship. Another simply wants to find a different hairstylist. As we move through time, our interests and activities change.

Depending upon our situation, we may have lots of emotions at the forefront of our mind and we may have tucked the more challenging stuff into our “emotional closet.”

If we continue to store our feelings, we may end up in what I have termed, the Emotional Ghettoä, a place where we can feel trapped by our moods, reactions, sensitivities and concerns.

You know the feeling of euphoria and freedom you get when you finally clean and you’re your closet?  Taking the time to clean out your emotional closet will give you the same results.  It’s a chance to prioritize what’s important, keep a few things in sight, store some things on the top shelf, and purge what you no longer want to feel.

This is a process and requires some self-reflection and taking an inventory of your feelings and the situations when they occur, whether it be in your personal, professional, family or community life. It may require you to make some tough choices as your emotional closet doesn’t have room for it all and you don’t want the negative things to weigh you down.

I had the pleasure of doing a mini-workshop this week with a wonderful group of women entrepreneurs.  The feedback was positive and affirming.  They said that it was different than any other workshop, a new concept and that it really made them think.  It helped them to sort out their personal plan.

Do you want to start a project, gain a better understanding of how your emotions affect your resilience, forgive a co-worker, apologize, make a call or start a new adventure, I can help.  Coming to terms with your emotions is an important place to start.

Contact me to schedule a workshop today.  It’s the first step toward “Leaving Your Emotional Ghettoä by Cleaning Out Your Emotional Closet”!

~ Lisa