coaching-helpChange, whether planned or unexpected, usually results in some alteration in your plans.

When change is planned, it is often about some sort of transformation, and is viewed as a positive activity.  Outcomes are usually for growth, learning or a makeover.

When change is unexpected, it can result in chaos and confusion.  There is a more dramatic effect on you and this kind of change is frequently described as, life-changing.

Whether planned or not, both kinds of change require an adjustment.

A certified coach can help with any kind of change.  A coach is not emotionally attached and can help you in an impartial manner.

If you are seeking a change for yourself or your organization, or you want to hire a coach for an employee who is going through change, here are some ways that a coach can be of benefit…

A coach will help you to:

  • Have a clear view of your goals and objective
  • Understand another perspective
  • Identify solutions
  • Recognize and sort through your emotions and emotional response
  • Increase motivation
  • See the opportunity for learning, growth and personal development
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Look at obstacles that may prevent you from moving forward
  • Improve skills for coping
  • Map out and design a plan for change or for coping

~ Lisa