wisdomWhen our son, Eric, was born, I had no idea about the journey that lay ahead.  I didn’t know that I was about to embark upon a journey that would provide me with the opportunity to exercise my feminine wisdom.

Feminine wisdom is that innate quality and genuine ability to truly understand the negative and positive impact of our decisions and actions, on the people whom we serve.  It is believed that feminine wisdom holds a crucial key to healing our global crisis through social sustainability.

Social sustainability is about doing business and operating in ways that benefit society and protect people.

As the parent of a child who had multiple disabilities, a door was opened for me to make a difference.  It was an opportunity to exercise my feminine wisdom, to influence change that would benefit others.

I started an organization called, Ensemble, a French word that means, “all together”.  Ensemble began as an organization to support parents who had children with disabilities and it grew to be so much more.  It was a vehicle for empowering parents to tell their stories in order to influence change in government, social services, health care and education.  By authentically engaging the parent voice, we were able to make a difference toward inclusion, family and people-centered approaches, equality and advancing the rights of all people.

I am currently working on a community initiative with a vision of enhancing prosperity for our local residents; another opportunity to call upon my feminine wisdom to strengthen the voice of people and build important relationships to collectively achieve our goal.

The impetus for monumental transformation occurs when a woman is given the circumstance to exercise her feminine wisdom. Contributing to improving the lives of people is powerful.  As stated in an article about feminine wisdom on evolveandascend.com, “having the opportunity to nurture and sustain anything beyond ourselves, including the creation of healthy relationships, families, communities or a global eco-system” can in my opinion, rescue the world.

We hold the power to influence decision makers “to address root causes through social education, practices and structures that encourage the awareness, responsibility and accountability to combat drug abuse, domestic violence, relationship and family breakdown and youth suicide.” (Ancient Feminine Wisdom for Today’s Social Problems, evolveandascend.com)

This is a call to action to all women to be courageous and utilize their feminine wisdom to heal and strengthen our world.  We have a tremendous opportunity to nurture and support one another.  Let’s do it ladies!

I can help you get in touch with your feminine wisdom and realize your ability to make a difference, contact me today!

~ Lisa