hearts-on-glassValentine’s Day, a time to express and reflect on the people whom we dearly love.  Partners, friends, family members, can all be the recipients of the affection we feel in our heart.  I can’t think of a greater reason to celebrate!

For some of us however, Valentine’s Day can bring hardships and pain.  Death, divorce, or long-term absence can be extremely difficult at this time, and rather than feeling the love, we may experience anger, resentment or hurt.

While there is no magic formula to overcome these feelings, there is something that can help.


Last week, when one of our close family members passed away, the person’s relative said, “We have to feel grateful for the time that we spent with him and that he was a part of our lives.”

“How true”, I thought.

Whether it be wisdom shared, laughs and tears, memorable activities or simply being together, if we can concentrate on and be thankful for the times we shared together, our mindset turns from negative emotions to positive feelings and joy.

When you’re looking at pictures or you have a mental image of a memory, think about how thankful you feel for having that person in your life, whether it was for a very short time or a lifetime.

Simply ask yourself, “What can I be grateful for because this person was in my life?”

If you focus on that, you can turn some of your pain into feelings of content.

I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine’s Day and I am remembering those who are no longer with me, with gratitude and thanks.

~ Lisa