Have you ever had your heart set on something and it didn’t work out?

You know, the relationship you really wanted that didn’t work out; the job you had to have that went to someone else, or the visit with a friend you were very much looking forward to, only to have it cancelled at the last minute.

No matter what it is, when our plans, goals and desires are overthrown, the disappointment can be devastating. You can easily become stuck in an emotional ghetto™ and it may be very difficult for you to overcome.

How do you cope and continue forward after a setback or defeat?

Be flexible.

While it’s important to have dreams and aspirations, it’s equally essential to find a way to be emotionally flexible in order to leave your emotional ghetto™, in a health way.

I certainly learned about the importance of emotional flexibility in parenting a child with a disability. It was certainly not what I had planned and it was definitely unexpected.  It wasn’t a situation that I could not change and I realized that among the uncertainty, fear and frustration, I had to find a way to cope.

While I didn’t have a magic formula and was not prepared with coping strategies, there was one approach that helped….

Let go and let it flow.

 The more we hang on to our original plan, the more frustrated we can become.   There is continual change in life.  Letting go means to adapt by letting the change take you to a new place in life.  I am not suggesting that adjusting to change is easy however holding on or trying to push your life toward a preconceived ideal, may leave you bitter and in a state of despair. If you can allow yourself to let go and embrace the change, you may find unexpected happiness and contentment along the way.  Give yourself permission to let go, and let it flow.

~ Lisa