chef-working-and-cooking-in-the-kitchenHave you read the story about The 65-Year-Old Dentist Who Left It All Behind to Work at America’s Best New Restaurant?

I did, and this is what I want to share with you about it.

It’s a story about Peter Glatz. As a young man, Peter started cooking as a way to impress girls.  He was good at it and was soon recognized as a good cook. He was a very creative person, so he studied art as an undergraduate.  As an art major who ended up being a salesman for washer machine labels, Peter’s father encouraged him to become a dentist.  “Don’t be in the arts.  You won’t make any money.  Be a dentist” he advised.

Sound familiar?

Peter went on to work as a dentist, and he always tried to find ways to bring art into dentistry.  At home, he would cook, and that made him really happy.  When he traveled to music festivals, he cooked for others.  His wife operated a catering business and wrote a cooking column for the local newspaper.  After his wife passed away, her editor asked him to continue to write the column.  Since he wasn’t a trained chef, he was a bit hesitant.  This motivated Peter to dig deep and learn more about cooking.  That’s when he realized that cooking was what he really wanted to do in life, albeit at 65 years of age.

He sold his dentistry business and got a job as a line cook at one of the best new restaurants in America. He works long hours.  His job is challenging, exciting and physically demanding.  He loves it!

Why did I want to share this story?  Because I believe it’s something many people can relate to; working in a job or profession that you like, but don’t necessarily love.

The lesson from Peter’s story is that no matter what job you do, continue to do what you love.  It may be something you have enjoyed throughout your life or an unexpected turn of events in your life, may inspire your passion. Whether it’s cooking, writing, painting, taking pictures, manufacturing, designing video games, whatever it may be, find a way to incorporate it into your life. You may be surprised how it brings you emotional satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and perhaps, financial return.

What do you love to do?  What are you good at?  What comes easy for you?  What takes commitment but doesn’t feel like work? What do you do when you procrastinate about doing work?

Your passion lies in the answer. From there, a business or side hustle may be awakened!

~ Lisa