Terrorism. Racism. Hate crimes. Greed. Murder. My fellow humans, what are we doing?

Inner-peaceIn life, we have been given a very precious gift. We have a chance to live together in a beautiful world, an opportunity to love, to learn, to share, to help, and to create. We have the possibility of strengthening one another and to nurture our earth. There is so much good that we can do, for each other and with each other.

Yet, from the beginning of mankind, we have witnessed and experienced violence, intimidation, extremism, sabotage, prejudice, bigotry, gluttony, self indulgence, killing and massacre.

Is this how we have chosen to live? What are we doing?

Despite what modern cultural beliefs tell us, true personal strength is not about power, influence, or domination. Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “Real strength comes from a sense of inner security, peace, and contentment.” However so much of the recent actions in our world seem to be driven by ego and self-importance.

Do we have the power to turn things around? I believe that we do.

As humans, we all have fundamental worth and share similar hopes, desires, fears, and struggles. If we recognize our commonality, we can feel compassion for one another and honour our human core. We can learn how to deeply listen, see, and feel another person. We can be with and acknowledge another person without any judgment or agenda. At the same time, we have to believe in and trust ourselves and be open to criticism and keep learning.
We must have hope and not let our hope be weakened by fear and anxiety.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu
To make hope effective in bringing change in our life, we need to take action for renewal. Renewal is a natural part of life as we see in the Spring, the season of growth and renewal. Each new year symbolizes a fresh new perspective in many areas of life. It reminds us to let go of the past, embrace the present, and look toward the future.

Together, we can look toward the future, envision more love, compassion and sharing. We can embrace humility, modesty and unpretentiousness and reduce actions that are lead by ego, arrogance or superiority.
Deepak Chopra writes, “We all understand how we can be an agent of change for the people we personally interact with, but we can also affect those around us with whom we don’t have direct contact through the connection of our shared collective consciousness. When we learn to consciously live and act from a deep place of hope, love, and kindness, we are stimulating and connecting to the same level of hope, love, and kindness in others, near and far. As their hope and love is awakened, it increases the strength of the signal, awakening more hearts in turn. This is how hope goes viral.”

My fellow humans, we have all been given the gift of life, a precious gift that we must nurture. Let’s work together from a place of love, kindness and compassion. We have the power to turn things around. Let’s do it!