My family and I lost a cherished friend this week.  His passing has brought to light, the short time we have on this earth and how fragile, life truly is.

We were saddened by the news, yet comforted by memories of the laughs we shared, discussions we had and the precious time we spent together.

Time.  Is there ever truly enough?

As I reflect upon life, I think about how many of us say that we are going to make plans to get together….and time gets away.  “We’re so busy”, we say.  This is a reminder of how important it is to take the time for family and friends.  There is nothing more valuable than each other.

I dedicate this poem to Bernie Chico Labute.  Rest in peace my friend and thank you for everything.

Life is a Precious Gift

Life is a precious gift,
Treasure your family and friends
Appreciate the beauty in nature
Comfort those who need you
Stand up for what is right
Dance the night away
Laugh out loud
Travel far and wide
Enjoy every flavor and aroma
Cherish each moment
Love with all of your heart.

Life is a precious gift.

~ Lisa