Imagine that you are texting your friend and then suddenly hearing the scream of your bus driver, only to look up and find a semi-truck headed into your path, and then, silence….

This is how Ryan Straschnitzki describes the tragic moments before the horrific crash in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, where 16 people were killed and 13 others, seriously injured.

The emotion that surrounds this kind of tragedy is difficult to put into words; heartbreaking, inconsolable, painful and despairing.  However you describe it, so many people have been affected.  The players, coaches, families, emergency response teams, the truck driver, the community, the nation.  It feels like time has stopped and we all need some time to pause and process.

In a situation as devastating as this, we ask, “How do we move on?”

Right now, we need time to mourn.  Everyone is in shock and can’t believe this has happened.  We are feeling a range of emotions, from anger, sadness, and disbelief, to sharing happy memories of the people no longer with us.  Our heads are full as we continue to ride an emotional roller coaster and ask ourselves, “Why?”

So often in these situations, we are asked to look at the positive side of things. Yet…

Where is the silver lining in this tragedy? 

How can we dig deep into our wisdom to help us get through this difficulty? 

What will lead us toward acceptance?

From the letters, personal visits, hockey sticks on the porch, the support and encouragement from the entire nation is remarkable.  The uniting of people brings peace and is creating a nationwide bond of support.  This is encouraging and let’s those directly affected know that they are not alone.

I have read comments from transportation operators saying that they will revisit their safety protocols to ensure that safety is top of mind for everyone.

There may never be an answer about what really happened and even if there is, it doesn’t change the aftermath of what has happened.

What we can do is take a moment to pause and think about the importance of human life.  Life is precious and so valuable.

What I am trying to say is is reflected in a poem that I wrote when my dad passed away….

Life is a precious gift.
Treasure your family and friends
Appreciate the beauty in nature
Comfort those who need you
Stand up for what is right
Dance the night away
Laugh out loud
Travel far and wide
Enjoy every flavor and
Savor the aroma
Cherish each moment and
Love with all of your heart.

Life is a precious gift.

~ Lisa