I have a member of my staff who has great technical skills however her people skills are lacking.  Can you help?

I sure can.

When we speak in terms of employment skills, or workability, there are two categories:  hard skills and soft skills.  Hard skills are about specific knowledge and ability. Data analysis, teaching, software development and nursing are all examples of hard or technical skills.  Emotional intelligence, communication style, problem-solving, motivation, time management, patience and teamwork are considered to be soft skills.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about soft silks and the significance they play in the ability to land or keep a job.

Many people have the ability to do the work required, however it’s their approach to the work and their interaction with others that may affect their capability to meet performance measures or criteria for being a valued member of the team.

What do you do if you have an employee who has top notch technical skills however their people skills and soft skills are lacking?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that there may be many reasons behind a person’s inability communicate, problem solve or work as a team.  Perhaps these skills were not instilled or demonstrated as essential.  Lack of motivation and patience can be affected by unexpected change or personal crisis.  Personality is individual and can also have an influence.

Approaching someone about their workability can be a sensitive topic. It may be difficult for an employer to approach the issue.

Rather than fumbling through a delicate situation, it can be helpful to involve an outsider; someone who isn’t directly connected to the workplace.

A coach is an objective person who can help the person focus on their goals and explore various aspects of their life that may be affecting their workability.  A coach can assist with understanding a person’s strengths, emotional intelligence and working through an issue that may be preventing them from genuine teamwork and having positive relationships.

A coach can provide one to one assistance or she can conduct workshops for the entire staff team.  Workshops can focus on interpersonal relationships and teamwork, emotional intelligence awareness, effective communication, developing trust and so much more.  An enhanced understanding of the team results in a better idea of how to face challenges together Individual coaching with an employee can focus on specific goals and outcomes.  Empathy coaching can result in better listening, and increased openness.

Enhancing empathy skills takes work; time and effort is required. Strengthen soft skills is an investment into achieving long term results and positive outcomes.

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~ Lisa