I am a dynamic speaker with a fascinating view on the world and a unique perspective to share.

My personal experience became a real eye-opener.

I realized that despite tragic circumstances, there are opportunities for new goals and dreams


I am a storyteller and as the parent of a child with multiple disabilities, I have a lot to talk about.  I have learned many things along my journey, some of which I didn’t want to know, and now realize, that I would not want to live without.

It brought me to a whole new understanding about the meaning of determination, the importance of relationships and what it takes to overcome heartbreak and unforeseen change.  I quickly learned about not dwelling on what is wrong and to focus on what is essential for moving forward.

I know that it can be very difficult to see the positive behind a cloud of shock, sadness and misfortune.

If you are seeking an authentic and inspiring speaker for your professional development, family gatherings or conference activities, I welcome the opportunity!

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