… With Coaching by Lisa Raffoul

If you’re thinking about an organizational or personal transformation, you have probably considered the assistance of a coach or consultant.  If not, now is the time to consider one. It makes sense to obtain guidance and direction, encouragement and inspiration, from a neutral and objective point of view and from someone who can help you lay the groundwork for moving into the future.

When choosing a coach, it’s a good idea to ask, “who is right for me, my business or my organization?”

If you choose me as your coach, here is what you will get:

Support and Encouragement
First and foremost, I believe in you and I have confidence in your ability to turn goals into action.

Integrity and Honour
I am trustworthy and I work with utmost professionalism.

Open-mindedness and Objectivity
I will embrace your ideas with unbiased opinion or judgment.

 Experience and Expertise
I have well-rounded professional and personal experience with working through challenges and new situations.

Physical and Emotional Fitness
I know what it takes to work toward a goal with perseverance and emotional intelligence.

Sincerity and Enthusiasm
I am genuinely interested in facilitating conversation that is reflective and expands knowledge and learning.

Value for Positive Relationships
I realize that strengthening relationships produce progressive results.  I recognize that there are two sides to every story and I will help you to think through all perspectives.

Results driven
I respect your position and will work with you to set achievable goals, and strive to meet your desired outcomes and achieve revolutionary results.

I will ask thought provoking questions that will arouse and prompt new ideas and deeper thinking.

I hold academic qualifications, professional certification, and proven experience for creative, reliable and trustworthy leadership

If you’re looking to step into your future, contact me for more information.

~ Lisa