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Strategic Planning

Is it time to update the vision and priorities for your business or organization?

Strategic planning is about making choices. My approach is based on engagement and involvement from all stakeholders to ensure transparency in the process and a genuine commitment to change.

I am your trusted advisor and unbiased partner for laying the groundwork toward meaningful change and focusing on what is important for your long-term success.


As your facilitator, I will:

  • Listen to your ideas

  • Establish a starting point

  • Challenge your thinking

  • Provide guidance to set priorities

  • Produce a planning document

Strategic Planning and Coaching Package

Once you have spent time and money to develop your strategic plan, it is often helpful to work with a coach to help build commitment and provide guidance as you implement the plan.

Coaching follow-up helps you apply the priorities of your plan and ensure that you are working consistently according to your new vision, goals and objectives.

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