Unpredictability, unreliability, variability, deception, insecurity. We are indeed living through ambiguous and confusing times.hugs

As I watch what is happening in the world, I relate to the experience of families when they are faced with a family crisis or a difficult situation. The news of tragedy is horrific and frightful. There are painful truths, sudden panic and fear for the future. Coping with challenge can feel like a loss; a loss of freedom; loss of plans; loss of control.

It is no secret that uncertainty can lead to apprehension, suspicion, doubts, and second thoughts, causing undue stress, anxiety and worry. Relationships can become strained and separated.

All the more reason to provide emotional support to one another and foster hope.

How can we do this?

Here are some ideas…

  1. Love unconditionally: Care about the happiness of another person without any thought for what you might get for yourself.
  2. Choose your words wisely: Words can be encouraging or they can hurt. Think about what you want to say and how it will affect you will have on others before you put it into words.
  3. Listen: Give people a chance to share their thoughts and ideas. Let them know that you have heard them and will take their perspective into consideration.
  4. Be Genuine and Honest: Sincerity and honesty will foster trust and confidence in your word and your actions.
  5. Practice Patience: Life is full of unexpected events and varying points of view. Take a deep breath and pause before you respond or react.
  6. Face your challenges; don’t get rid of them. Avoidance or discharging a challenge will not resolve matters. In fact, it could make things worse.
  7. Act consistently. Consistency reduces anxiety and fear.
  8. Appreciate diversity: Embrace the many talents, cultures, abilities, and landscape of our world.
  9. Create a Safe Environment: Ensure that your decisions and actions create a safe place to live.
  10. Be Accountable: There are eyes on everything you say and do. You may be questioned on many things. It’s your obligation to provide an answer.