You and your colleagues attend a team building activity.  You learn things about yourself and gain valuable insight about one another.  You have a better understanding of how to build team-buildingupon each other’s strengths and support each other’s limitations.  There is greater trust among the team and you all have a renewed sense of purpose and working toward a common goal. Energy and motivation radiate throughout the room.  You and your colleagues are so pumped to get back to work and get started with all of your fresh ideas.  It is going to be great!

Sound familiar?

There are many benefits of team building activities.  I have certainly witnessed rekindled relationships and revitalized commitment during the team building activities that I have facilitated.  The positivity is contagious.

While the personal growth and team unity are important, there is one thing to take away from a team building activity that really matters.

That one thing is, follow through.

Once the busyness of your workday begins and assignments pile up, it can be challenging to maintain the energy and insight that you felt during the workshop.  Yet if you cannot follow through on what was learned, the team building activity can become meaningless.

How are you going to carry forward, or follow through on all that you learned and want to achieve?

Here are some ideas….

Write down your “aha” moments

During the workshop, write down your “aha” moments as they happen.  That evening, create a one-page poster of document of these insights and place them in a strategic spot so that you can review them every day.

Schedule a follow-up meeting

Within a couple of weeks, schedule a meeting to reflect on what was learned and decide upon specific actions to ensure follow-up.

Pick a person to schedule regular check-ins

Whether it is the team manager or another person, delegate someone to schedule regular check-ins, send out relevant articles and other communication to maintain interest and motivation.

 Revise Roles

A greater understanding of the strengths and interests of each team member can provide an opportunity to revise roles.  This can provide renewal and a new sense of purpose for staff and employees.

You have invested time and financial resources to your team building activity; follow through to ensure that you get value and usefulness from your investment

~ Lisa

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