A new year is on the horizon. What are the possibilities for change?

In his blog, Rob Enderle, calls 2018 as The Year of Fighting for Positive Change. The article refers to the corporate responsibility of Cisco, a multinational technology company, having invested millions to reduce homelessness near its headquarters in San Jose, California. He also talks about Dell’s support for women and its efforts to deal with misogyny, discrimination, and abuse targeting women. IBM has applied artificial intelligence to helping employees retrain and maintain a diverse skill set, increasing flexibility and diversity in their skillset, thereby boosting their professional value.

Additionally, the importance of a safe work environment, free from harassment and vexatious behaviour is greater than ever before. The empowerment of people who have historically been marginalized due to race, culture, sexual orientation, age, gender, and income level, has become the right thing to do.

How did all of this change begin? By one voice. One voice swelled to many voices until the efforts for change spread to global proportions.

Change begins with an idea, a single thought, an expression. The fight for what is right is about supporting one another so that we all have a good life, a life of wellness, joy and prosperity.

As you look toward 2019, ask yourself, “What is the positive change I want to create or become part of, so that everyone can enjoy a good life?” Next, write down on step you can take to get started. Commit to action and follow through. It’s that simple.

Happy New Year! Together, we have the power to make it great, for everyone.

~ Lisa