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Training & Workshops

If you’re looking for a person to facilitate a meeting, presentation or other event, I’m the person you want. I’m an excellent facilitator with a natural flair for engaging people and encouraging dialogue and interaction. Refresh, Exhilarate and Inspire! Customize your experience or choose one of the workshops below.

In a Family’s Shoes

When a child is diagnosed with a disability, it is unexpected and comes without warning. Families become overwhelmed and go through a major change in their life. Support professionals and the people around them can make a positive impact, especially if they understand what it is like to have a child diagnosed with a disability, personal loss or any other extraordinary situation.
Through a unique role play and sharing my personal story, the workshop provides participants with an intimate look into a family’s life and how to help them prepare for an enriching and rewarding life-long journey.

This workshop offers:

  • Enhanced awareness and empathy for a family’s perspective

  • An opportunity for intimate discussion about real life issues that challenge familes

  • A chance to explore personal values and how wwe impact others

  • Ideas for positive communication

  • An understanding of the importance of trust

  • Strategies for strengthening relationships with families

  • How to support families to increase their resilience and independence

The Moment of Truth

How to Have a Difficult Conversation. Whether it be at work, within your own family or as a result of your membership in a group or a team, a time may arise when you are faced with having a difficult conversation with someone. For example, a teacher may want to approach a parent about a concern they have for their child; a supervisor may have to inform an employee about a change in their job status; a spouse may want a change in the relationship.  No matter what the situation, having a difficult conversation is not easy.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Identify with a time when they were faced with a difficult conversation

  • Explore personal values and how they influence the conversation

  • Discover how your fears motivate your actions

  • Recognize your vulnerability and how it may keep you from moving forward

  • Learn about the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness

  • Uncover various approaches to communication

  • Write an individualized script for having a difficult conversation

Family Leadership Discovery

Families have so much to offer to one another and to the organizations and communities that support them.  This signature workshops empowers families to realize their role as leaders and genuine partners in the care and support of their family members.

Participants will learn and explore:

  • How to be a Good Mentor

  • Approaches for Powerful Storytelling

  • Principles of Family Engagement

  • Partnership Practices for Working with Organizations & Community

  • Ideas for Leadership Roles

  • Effective Communication Strategies

Sense & Sensitivity

Designed for workplaces and business.

This workshop offers:

  • Understanding of diverse issues that challenge people

  • Communication approaches for positive relationships

  • The importance of language and how our words affect others

  • How to create flexibility for employees and staff

  • Customer service for diverse clients

  • An understanding of Emotional Intelligence

  • Strategies for increasing your Emotional Intelligence

  • Strategies for balancing work and life

  • Tools for reducing stress

  • Practical tips for healthy living

  • Approaches for creating a culture of support and sensitivity