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Training & Workshops

The desire to make a change is the first step.  Knowing how to do it comes next.

Our training programs prepare you with the practical skills and knowledge to move forward with your vision, goals and objectives for change.   Training will strengthen your capacity to deliver client-focused and human centered support and services. Participants will come away with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches for transformation and change.

You can customize your experience and we will create a program specifically tailored to your needs, or you can choose from one (or a combo) of our signature workshops below.

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In a Family’s Shoes

When a child is diagnosed with a disability, it is unexpected and the family is unprepared. Families become overwhelmed and go through a major change in their life. Support professionals can make a difference! Read more about the creation of this signature workshop here.

Enhance your understanding of the family’s experience with:

  • A first-hand glimpse into a family’s life

  • Intimate discussion about real life issues that challenge families

  • An opportunity to explore the influence and impact of your personal values in your work

  • Enhanced awareness and empathy for a family’s perspective

  • Ideas for positive communication and understanding of the importance of trust

  • Strategies for strengthening relationships with families

  • How to support families to increase their resilience and independence

Tough Talk: Difficult Conversations Made Easy

Whether at work, within your family or as a member of a group, a time comes when you are faced with having a difficult conversation. For example, a teacher may have to share a concern for a child with their parent; a supervisor may have to inform an employee about a change in their job status; a spouse may want a change in the relationship.  No matter what the situation, having a difficult conversation is not easy. It can be stressful and complicated.

Discover how to have a difficult conversation by:

  • Identifying with a situation when they were faced with a difficult conversation

  • Exploring personal values and how they influence the conversation

  • Discovering how fears motivate actions

  • Recognizing the influence of shame and vulnerability

  • Learn about the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness

  • Uncover various approaches to communication

  • Writing an individualized script for having a difficult conversation

Family Leadership Discovery

Families caring for a child with a disability or health care issue, have so much to offer one another and the communities that support them.  Developing partnerships with families as leaders and advisors is a worthwhile investment for your organization.  Outcomes are enhanced by shared expertise.  This signature workshop, specially developed for families and family support groups is designed to encourage and empower families to realize their role as leaders and genuine partners in the care and support of their family members.

Participants will learn and explore:

  • A Family Leadership Assessment that will provide the basis for moving forward with family leadership in your organization and community

  • Partnership Practices for family leadership in your organization and community

  • Approaches for Powerful Storytelling

  • Strategies for the Role of Mentor and Advisor

  • Respecting Boundaries

  • Principles of Family Engagement

  • Effective Communication Strategies

Sense & Sensitivity: Enhancing Workability and Emotional Intelligence

Soft skills are the personal qualities that make people easy to work with. Emotionally intelligent organizations have an advantage when it comes to managing change, motivating employees and creating a compassionate workplace.  This workshop is designed to help businesses and organizations increase the emotional intelligence and workability of their employees, and the entire organization.

Learn about and strengthen:

  • Communication approaches for positive relationships

  • Approaches for creating a culture of support and sensitivity

  • Trustworthiness and Ethics

  • Mentoring and Performance Management

  • Cultural Competence and the Diverse Issues that Challenge People

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Strategies for achieving work/ life balance and reducing stress

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