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Human Solutions for Businesses, Organizations and Families

Ever feel out of touch with the people you serve? Does it seem like no matter what you try, you’re always at odds? Looking for solutions to provide quality, excellence and satisfaction?
Solutions start with your customers and the people you serve and end with new ways to meet their needs. Using a human-centred approach, Lisa facilitates the transformation of your business, organization or family by involving the humane perspective in all steps of the processes.

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Coaching is individualized and tailored to your family or organization. It’s available to individual members or entire groups. I listen objectively, without judgment and provide guidance for reflection and enhanced self-awareness.

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I understand that each organization or business has a unique purpose for training and professional development. I create training & workshops that will help you achieve your individualized goals and objectives.

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I am a dynamic speaker with a fascinating view on the world and a unique perspective to share. My personal experience allows me to speak from a place of personal understanding and compassion, while building deep connections with audiences.

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Meet Lisa

Lisa understands how unexpected and unforeseen events can affect our day to day lives. For over 20 years she has spearheaded the concept of family leadership and engagement as a way to authenticate quality and excellence in human services, healthcare and education. A certified teacher, executive coach, author, speaker and facilitator, Lisa created Family Matters to assist people and businesses as they cope with unanticipated change and the transformation that follows. Read more about Lisa…

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Why clients love Lisa.

Lisa Raffoul was the keynote speaker for a 2 day training held in Windsor Ontario Nov., 2016. Although I had only met with Lisa once before, I was impressed with her ability to tailor her message to meet  the need of the service provider’s participants. Lisa was direct in her talk to offer a parent’s perspective. The evaluations of this event show that participants appreciated Lisa’s words and found them useful and applicable to their work. I would certainly recommend Lisa for future events.

Beth Powell, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

I spoke to Lisa when I was faced with an important decision about a school transition for my son. Lisa helped me sort out my goals and objectives for the new direction my son and I were about to take.  During our conversation I felt confident and empowered to give myself permission to make the change. Lisa truly understands that every family is unique and supports all families with compassion and without judgment.

Sheila D, Parent

I recently watched Lisa co-facilitate a full-day family engagement session with service providers from local child and youth mental health agencies in Windsor. I was impressed by Lisa’s ability to engage participants, drawing on both her personal stories and knowledge of the latest research around family engagement. Lisa lead the session with sensitivity and confidence. I could tell that Lisa is a passionate advocate for families. She clearly has a strong connection to her community and a desire to improve the child and youth mental health system by embedding the family voice at all levels of the system.

Mental Health Professional

I feel so empowered when I talk to Lisa.

Anna Halford, Tecumseh

Lisa spoke to a group of early learning professionals in November 2016 around how to engage parents in conversation about their child’s development.  Lisa reflected on her personal experiences and was able to provide input to educators about the importance of what parents have to offer as part of the team that surrounds a child.  This is a topic that Lisa has an obvious passion for.  Her presentation style is relaxed and comfortable and the information was well received by those in attendance.

Lori Melnick, Team Supervisor, Child Care Support Services

Lisa Raffoul presented to my students in a health administration college-level elective called Transcultural Communication. Lisa was invaluable in offering a unique and important voice on issues of inclusion within health care. Her student-focused activities provided important and relevant opportunities them to critically engage with the topic of inclusion of people with significant disabilities, and how to work with families in a holistic and respectful way. She encouraged students to be reflexive and reflect on their individual roles within an inclusive health care environment. Lisa’s compelling personal stories aimed to educate and create empathy among the audience with incredible success. Lisa made a significant impact on student learning.

Joelle, PhD Candidate in Education at University of Western Ontario