Leaving the Emotional Ghetto and Taking Control of Your Change

The desire to make a change is the first step.  Knowing how to do it comes next.  Sometimes our fears and emotions can get in the way and you can become stuck in transition.

If you want to make a change, Leaving the Emotional Ghetto and Taking Control of Your Change is your place to begin.

Starting with a vision, you will dig deep and do a thorough investigation of what you want to do. You will explore your fears and vulnerabilities and gain the confidence to move forward.  You will find ways to be resilient in times of uncertainty and doubt.  Your plan will help you to stay focused and clearly articulate your next steps.  Our coaching programs prepare you with the practical skills and knowledge to move forward with your vision, goals and objectives for your transformation and change.

Become unstuck, and turn your vision into reality!

Group coaching can be offered in-person or by webinar. It is appropriate for:

For Businesses
For Organizations
For Families

Leave your emotional ghetto and put your vision into action!


If you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, we can help. Our business coaching begins with visualizing your future and creating an inspiring and strategically sound plan.

Our Business Coaching helps you develop:

  • A Vision for your short term and long term goals for your business

  • A Greater Understanding of your Clients or Customers

  • Social Media, Marketing and Communications Plan

  • A Customer-focused and Strategic Business Plan that puts your Vision to Work


Research tells us that engaging stakeholders in shared leadership and decision-making, creates positive results. Forward thinking and progressive organizations are human-centered and actively engage the people whom they serve and support.

We assist organizations to strengthen their capacity for employee and client engagement, and to collaborate with their community partners.

We will work with you to:

  • Create a Vision for short term and long term goals

  • Conduct an Organizational Engagement Assessment

  • Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Shared Leadership and Engagement

  • Strategies and tools for ongoing continuous improvement

Other Popular Organization Coaching Topics

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Building

  • Taking Care of Yourself, While Taking Care of Others


Leaving the Emotional Ghetto and Finding Your Road to Resilience

An emotional ghetto is a place where you find yourself as a result of a crushing experience
or unexpected change. It can leave you feeling extremely anxious, afraid and alone. You
feel like you’ve lost control of your life, and you may feel trapped and see no way out

I created coaching program as a course for people to get in touch with their emotions and to better understand their grief.  It is a chance to reflect on your personal values and how you and your family have been affected by sudden or unexpected change.   I want people to learn about and strengthen their emotional intelligence so that they can become more resilient and view their situation as an opportunity and a reason to celebrate.

Hope, optimism, perseverance and planning can help you turn your emotions to energy and to explore the possibilities that lay ahead.

Through deep dialogue, self-reflection and interactive activities, you will:

  • Realize the emotional impact of change on the entire family

  • Reflect on your ability to cope with change

  • Understand the process of adjustment

  • Discover the role of your personal values in your life

  • Learn about approaches for positive communication

  • Explore ways to take care of your own health and well-being

  • Develop a Vision for a resilient future

Popular Family Coaching Topics…

  • Understanding the emotional impact of unexpected change

  • Improving Family Dynamics

  • Communicating with support professionals

  • Working with my child’s school

  • Building effective partnerships with organizations and communities

  • Getting my child involved in the community

  • Preparing for life transitions (in your child’s life), eg, home to school, class to class, school to adulthood

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