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Family Coaching

Are you going through an experience that has turned your world upside down?

Painful events that can happen to any one of us. Anytime. Anywhere.

I understand the grief that comes with unforeseen circumstances.

The demands of everyday life can become overwhelming and may lessen the balance of family life.  Understanding the emotional challenges is a starting point for overcoming grief and moving forward.


Private Family Coaching

Private Family Coaching is individualized and tailored to your family.  It is available to individual members of the family or all interested family members.

I will listen objectively and without judgment and provide guidance for personal reflection and enhanced self-awareness.

Group Family Coaching

Group Family Coaching is for a group of people who want to focus on a similar topic.  Group coaching offers the same process as private family coaching.  Events can be organized in partnership with one of your supporting organizations or at a location of your choice.

Together We Will…

  • Identify a topic or issue and define what you want to accomplish

  • Explore ideas, challenge our thinking, develop a clear vision and goals for moving forward

  • Discover barriers and how to overcome them

  • Develop an action plan to move your goals forward

  • Reflect on the process to achieve you goals and make updates accordingly

Popular Family Coaching Topics…

  • Understanding the emotional impact of sudden or unexpected change

  • Getting along with other family members

  • Mentoring others in a similar situation

  • Communicating to support professionals

  • Working with my child’s school

  • How to be an effective partner with organizations and community

  • How to increase family leadership

  • Getting my child involved in the community

  • How to focus on the positive

  • Preparing for a change such as school transitions or school to adulthood

  • Taking care of myself

  • Sharing my story