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Family & Individual Coaching

Our coaching programs strengthen the resilience of families to adapt and adjust to unexpected circumstances, overcome loss, and regain positive and caring relationships.

Family Coaching

From Emotions to Energy: The Road to Resilience

I created “The Road to Resilience” as a course for people to get in touch with their emotions and to better understand their grief.  To offer a chance to realize how shame and vulnerability can affect their ability to communicate and stay connected to family members and friends. Finding ways to take care of yourself no matter how busy you are taking care of others is a key element in your road to resilience.  I want people to learn about and strengthen their emotional intelligence so that they can become more resilient and view their situation as an opportunity and a reason to celebrate.

Hope, optimism, perseverance and planning can help you turn your emotions to energy and to explore the possibilities that lay ahead.

Through deep dialogue, self-reflection and interactive activities, families will gain:

  • Understanding of the process of adjustment

  • Realization of the impact of change on the entire family

  • Insight into vulnerability and shame

  • Practical tips for positive communication

  • Visioning for the future

Coaching is available to individual members, one-on-one, or together as a group. Sessions can be organized in partnership with your supporting organizations at a location of your choice. Family Coaching is individualized and tailored to your family or support group.

Popular Family Coaching Topics…

  • Understanding the emotional impact of unexpected change

  • Improving Family Dynamics

  • Communicating with support professionals

  • Working with my child’s school

  • Building effective partnerships with organizations and communities

  • Getting my child involved in the community

  • Preparing for life transitions (in your child’s life), eg, home to school, class to class, school to adulthood

Personal Development

Have you experienced sudden change and want to regain control of your life? Do you have a burning idea for your life and want some guidance to explore the possibilities?

Our coaching programs for individuals can help.  We offer a range of options that are tailored to suit your needs.

Are you…

  • Going through a difficult or unexpected challenge?

  • Swamped by schedules and situations?

  • Wanting to let go of negative emotions?

  • Trying to maintain positive relationships?

  • Struggling with finding balance in your life?

  • Unsettled about where life is taking you?

  • Unsure about how to create the life that you desire?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, coaching will help you refocus, reorganize and reconstruct the life you’ve always dreamt of!

Personal Development Includes

  • Guidance for creating a vision

  • Definite and precise goals and priorities for your career and life

  • Direction for identifying barriers and overcoming them

  • Customized action plan for achieving your goals

  • Realize a specific goal identified by you

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